Reasons To Quit Your Job with N

Negligence, New job, No money, No payment, Nobody likes you, Not enough pay, Not getting paid, Nothing, napping, nasty boss, never liked it, no fun, no pay, no reason, nobody likes me, not enough money, not fun, not happy, not liking it, not paid enough, Nothing to do, no motivation, Nasty, New One., neglect, not getting paid enough, no raise, Nagging, not interested, not like it, no respect, never on time, Not good at it, New Location., New one, Not satisfied, No one likes you, Not good enough, nagging boss, No time, none, need a break, noisy, nonsense, no promotion, Not enough salary, No good boss, nudes, Not enough hours, Need more money, no one likes me, noobs, Not payed enough, Night shift, No car, New boss, Not enjoying it, Noise, not into it, Not nice boss, nose bleed, nasenbluten, Naughty Boss, nervous breakdown, no salary, Not enough work, Naps, Not interesting, nasty coworkers, Nasty people, Narcotics, Nobody likes me there, not feelin it, never get paid, New Job., not interested anymore, Narcolepsy, Necrophilia, Negativity, not interrested, Not nice people, never, Nul


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