Reasons To Quit Your Job with C

Can't do it, Can't handle it, Can't work, Cancer, Cocaine, Cunts, can't stand it, cant do it, career change, cash, caught stealing, cheating, cold, coworkers, crappy, crappy boss, crazy boss, creepy boss, cunt of a boss, customers, cant take it anymore, crazy, Children, College, Cunt boss, caca, Crying, Cold Weather., Carelessness, Car, cant work, Cash Is Low., Can’t stand boss, Co-Workers., cat died, Crazy people, Cash., Can't walk anymore, Cholera, cutting, cruel boss, can't stand boss, Crappy pay, cry, can't do it anymore, Chlamydia, Corruption, cunts everywhere, Car accident, couldn't care less, Criticism, car broke, crap, crying too much, Colleagues, can't see


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