Things You Do On A Date with G

Gamble, Games, Gaming, Get drunk, Giggle, Giggling, Give head, Go out, Go to the movies, Golf, Gossip, Greet, Greet Each Other., Grin, Grope, get food, get laid, go to a movie, greet each other, grind, golfing, get to know each other, Give a kiss, go to dinner, Gozar, Go dancing, go to the park, go out to eat, get dinner, go to the cinema, Grinsen, Gaze, get high, grab food, Go for a walk, Give flowers, Get it on, Gritar, go fishing, Give, Grill, gag, give up, give hugs, GEMIR, go home, Get naked, garchar, Go places, Get freaky, get together, gehen, Growl, Go away, Gab, Gush, Gloat, go to the beach, get some, go on a date, go out to dinner, Go skating, Go to bed, Go to the bathroom, grapple, get ready, greet eachother, Go eat food, Google, go down, Gift, Gulp, Groan, go out for dinner, Gossip., go for dinner, greet them, Grabschen, Grab, grab a bite to eat, get raped, Glare, Give gifts, go ice skating, get wasted, grub, gasp, Go outside, groping, Get ice cream


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