Things You Do On A Date with B

Bake, Be nice, Besar, Bite, Blush, Bond, Bone, Brag, Break up, Breathe, Bring flowers, Butt stuff, bang, banter, bowl, bowling, burp, buy dinner, buy flowers, buy food, Bumsen, Blow kisses, Brunch, baiser, bike, Bicker, bust a nut, bend over, Bailar, buy, Buy drinks, Basketball, Bier trinken, boast, Blink, bounce, buy things, Bump, beg, banging, Beach, Blow a kiss, Blasen, buy stuff, Bump uglies, babble, Bail, Baking, be kind, breath, buy gifts, Biking, behave, ball, bring wine, Bike ride, Buy Dinner., bake cookies, blow, Beat her, Blow each other, bite food, blow him, Barf., boire, belch, barf, Boink, Bake a cake, Breakfast, Break the ice, bonk, boogie, bring money, Bicycling, beat her up, buy drink, Beber, bike riding, Be yourself, butt, Beat meat, Beat your meat, Baseball, Ballroom dance, Bang her, Bake cakes, Buy them flowers, bump butts, Branler, Blindfold, Blabber, bake together, belly dance, Bisous, bathe, Buy roses, book, Book a table, Blow bubbles, ballet, beach date


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