Fictional Characters with L

Lancelot, Lara Croft, Legolas, Lex Luther, Lex Luthor, Lily Potter, Link, Linus, Lisa Simpson, Little Red Riding Hood, Lois Lane, Loki, Lucifer, Lucky Luke, Lucy, Luigi, Luke Skywalker, Luna, Luna Lovegood, lilo, Luffy, Lola, Lily, Lucius Malfoy, Lorax, Lord Voldemort, Lilly, larry the lobster, Leona, Lulu, Lisa, Lolita, lupin, lemony snicket, leo the lion, Leon, Lizzie McGuire, Lola Bunny, lenny, little mermaid, Lois, Lavender brown, Leia, Leo, Larry the cable guy, Lady, Larry the Cucumber, larry, Liz Lemon, Lucas, Lelouch, Lassie, louis lane, Lapis Lazuli, Lissandra, Leonard, Leonidas, lion king, Lucy., Lois Griffin, Lilly Potter, Light Yagami, lumiere, Levi, Luke, Light, lone ranger, Lucian, Lilith, laura croft, Lenore, Linda, Lionheart, Lee Sin, Lala, leslie knope, Larry the lamb, lewis, Lucina, Lady and the tramp, Lord Farquad, Lucy Ricardo, louie, L from death note, larry the lamp, Leah, Little lulu, larry from spongebob, little orphan annie, leonardo, longbottom, Louise, leprachaun, Leo Valdez, Lollypop, Lauren, Laila, Lux, long john silver, Leprechaun, Lena, Lord of the rings, liam, Little, lion, Lolo, lionel


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