excuses for being late with T

The bus was late, Too lazy, Too tired, Took a wrong turn, Took the wrong bus, Traffic, Train, Train was late, tardy, tied up, time, tire flat, tire was flat, tired, too much sleep, too much traffic, too slow, traffic jam, traffic., tripped, toilet, tornado, talking, Trapped, Train late, took wrong bus, Train delay, texting, tripped and fell, too tired to get up, Took wrong turn, Test, too sick, Taxi, time management, truck wouldn't start, tiger ate my homework, Took a nap, Tripping, trauma, Tooth fell out, taking too long, Took the wrong train, Tooth ache, throwing up, time got away from me, The dog ate my homework, trafico, Truck hit me, Terrorist attack, totaled my car, time got away, train delayed, Tiger attack, totaled car, too much alcohol, too much work, Took the bus, to late, Terrorists, Toothache, titties, too late


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