excuses for being late with R

Rain, Raining, Ran into an old friend, Ran over a cat, Ran over a dog, Rape, Reading, Running, Rush hour, ran into a friend, ran into traffic, ran out of gas, ran out of time, ran over, raped, really tired, resting, ripped pants, run over, running late, Road rage, red light, Ran over by a car, ran late, rear ended, ran into a tree, Road work, Rest, red lights, ran over by a bus, ran too slow, Road block, really bad traffic, Robbery, Ran into a car, runny nose, Road traffic, ran over dog, ran into a pole, ran, ran over a child, retard, Ran over a deer, rash, ran into someone, ran out of petrol, Ran to work, really sick, ran out of fuel, road blocked, ran into a wall, Runs, running around, Riot, running too slow, run, Road closed, Run out of gas, road accident, rolled out of bed late, Rolled down a hill, Running away, running to slow, Robbed, rain., ran into pole, ran into a deer, racing, Rushing, Ran out of toilet paper, rush, Ran over my cat, Road was blocked, Ride late, Ran a red light, ran over a squirrel, Retraso, rude, rude drivers, Run over by car, Radunfall, Rabies, Read a book, Really sorry, relaxing, ran over someone, rolled ankle, ran over cat, ran over an animal, Rupture, run over by bus, running out of time, ran here, Rogering the wife, Ran off the road, Ran into another car, ran to school, retraso mental, Run over by a car, run out of time, rush hour traffic, Running slow, Rolled my car, ran over by car, rap battle


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