excuses for being late with P

Panic attack, Parking, Party, Peed myself, Peeing, Pooing, Puked, Puking, Pulled over, pain, parents, parking ticket, partying, passed out, pee, people, period, police, poor, pregnant, pissed myself, prison, potty, Partied too hard, Praying, Procrastination, pissed off, Pulled a muscle, Police pulled me over, Piss, puked all over., puking non stop., puking all over., parking problems, poor planning, peed yourself, Pneumonia, Pissing, partied too hard last night, Pregnancy, pouring rain, playing games, passed away, poo, Parking was full, pants ripped, Partied all night, pulled over by cops, pissed last night, pissed, Pee break, Pushed down the stairs, Pissed my pants, police arrested me, pinkeln, people in my way, Pink eye, Pipi, Popped a tire, Pets, Poisoning, Problems, Poor time management, Pardon, Problems at home, potty break, practice, pulled over by cop, pet died, puked., Plague, peeing your pants


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