excuses for being late with N

Nap, Napped too long, Never woke up, No alarm, No petrol, No ride, None, Not ready, Not waking up, napping, no car, no clean clothes, no gas, no sleep, nose bleed, not enough sleep, not enough time, not feeling well, not waking up on time, nothing, no time, new car., no alarm set, Not awake, Not wanting to go, Not in the mood, No excuse, No transportation, Naked, Not well, not being on time, Not wanting to be there, No clothes, No parking, nail in tire, not getting up, No gas in car, nude, not in town, not my problem, No excuses, no alarm clock, Not caring, Not hearing alarm, Nutten, nothing to wear, Nobody woke me up, nightmares, Narcolepsy, Never waking up, Nauseas, not wanting to come, Not my fault, Never heard alarm, needed more sleep, no bus, Near death experience, no idea, Not waking up in time, Not sleeping, Napped


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