excuses for being late with L

Late bus, Late train, Laundry, Lazy, Left late, Limping, Lost car keys, Lost keys, Lost my car keys, Lost my keys, Lost my way, Lying, late night, laziness, left home late, lost, lost track of time, lots of traffic, love, love making, Lazyness, Lice, lost my car, Lack of sleep, Late alarm, left too late, Laughing, late sleep, Locked out, lies, Left the house late, Lost your keys, left late., lame, Late waking up, Late sleeping, Lost dog, late start, Lost my phone, Long drive, Lost wallet, late out of bed, lazy to get up, Left my keys at home, late sorry, Lost my watch, lost homework, Lange geschlafen, Long line, leg broke, life, Lie, late night drinking, Lying in bed, luck, Leaving late


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