excuses for being late with K

Kept sleeping, Keys were lost, Kicked, Kicked out of the house, Killed a deer, Killed a man, Killing, Killing people, Killing someone, Kissing, Knee injury, Knocked out, karma, keys are lost, kidnapped, kids, kids., killed, killed myself, killed someone, killing myself, kicked in the face, kicked out, kite flying, killing time, Kept falling asleep, kept in, koala attack, Kids sick, Karate, keys lost, Kicked in the nuts, kitten died, killed my boss, killed a cat, kids missed bus, killed a dog, Killed my neighbor, Knocked up, kangaroo attack, knackered, keine lust, killer, Karate practice, kept hitting snooze, kicked in the shins, Killing spree, kidney failure, killed my dog


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