excuses for being late with I

I didn't want to come, I died, I got lost, I lost my keys, I missed the bus, I over slept, I overslept, I slept in, I was late, I was sleeping, I woke up late, Injury, Internet, i forgot, ice, ill, illness, in traffic, in traffic., indigestion, I fell over, i was sick, insomnia, Ice on road, injured, indigestion., incident, i dont know, i dont care, I got stuck in traffic, I missed the train, im late, I fell asleep, I was stuck in traffic, ironing, I lost track of time, Ice cream, I missed my bus, I am sorry, ignorance, idiots, Incarceration, Ice on the road, i fell, Involved in a accident, I slept in late, I was dead, i ran into traffic, I lost my car keys, in trouble, I'm sick, I had a car accident, I don't care, im sorry, idiocy, in bed, i shat myself


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