excuses for being late with H

Hate school, Headache, Heart attack, Held up, Held up in traffic, Hiccups, Homework, Hospital, Hot weather, House burned down, House fire, Hungover, Hungry, Hurricane, Hurt, had an accident, had to pee, hangover, high, horny, Hot, had a flat tire, had to get gas, hit by a car, Hit by car, hit by a bus, had a car accident, herpes, hung over, Heavy traffic, Hate my job, Hoes, hurry, hold up, Hurt myself, heat stroke, HIV, hit by bus, Holiday, Having a baby, House on fire, Hail storm, Hit my head, had breakfast, had to feed my dog, had car trouble, hair problems, held up., hair appointment, health, Had a stroke, Hunger, humping, had diarrhea, Had to feed my cat, had a bad day, hit by a truck, Had no ride, Hives, Hit a car, hang over, Hail, had to feed the cat, House caught on fire, had homework, hand job, hello, hiding, had a headache, Helping grandma, Having a wank, held up in traffic., Hit and run, helping a neighbor, Hamster died, had too much to drink, Habia trafico, House burnt down, Had traffic, hung myself, Hernia, Happy, Hot date


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