excuses for being late with G

Gaming, Gas, Got stuck, Got stuck in traffic, Grounded, gas., gastro, getting laid, getting ready, getting up late, god, gone fishing, got caught in traffic, got held up, got hit by a car, got lost, got mugged, got pulled over, got sick, got up late, grandma died, got a ticket, getting lost, girls, getting stuck in traffic, Gone, got out of bed late, got arrested, Got in an accident, Got run over, Going to the bathroom, got laid, games, get up late, Got a flat tire, Grumpy, Gas station, Grandma, got in a fight, Gas leak, Gorilla attacked me, Girlfriend, Grief, got a flat, Got caught up in traffic, going out, Gas ran out, good sleep, Golfing, Got stuck in the toilet, gagged, Gane la loteria, garage door stuck, gave up, got hit by car, Grandpa died, Got stabbed, Got a headache, Getting gas, got hit by a bus, Got hit by bus, Golf, Garbage, got in a wreck, Gambling, gagging


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