excuses for being late with F

Fainted, Far away, Fell down the stairs, Fell over, Fighting, Fired, Flu, Forgot, Forgot the time, fell, fell asleep, fell down, fight, fire, flat tire, food, forgot keys, forgot my keys, forgot something, forgot to set alarm, Fell back asleep, Funeral, Fell down stairs, Flight delayed, Feeling sick, fell off a cliff, Family, fire in my house, Fake friend, Flipped car, forgot homework, flood, fishing, fell out of bed, forgot my phone, fall, Friends, family problems, Food poisoning, failed to wake up, fire at home, fap, Forgot to wake up, Fish died, feeling sick., Fapping, Found a dog, fire in house, Faint, family emergency, fast asleep, flirting, Fire in the house, Falling, Forgot to set my alarm, falling asleep, Fog, Fell off the stairs, forgot my wallet, fart, Forgot bag, Failure


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