excuses for being late with D

Dentist, Diarrhea, Didn't want to come, Dinner, Dog died, Dying, dad died, date, dentist appointment, detention, didnt wake up, doctor, dog ate homework, dog ate my homework, dog got out, dog ran away, drank too much, drinking, drugs, drunk, dormir, dumb, Driving in traffic, didn't set alarm, driving, Doctor appointment, Doctor's appointment, Durchfall, dog, didn't wake up, dog was sick, didn't wake up in time, Driving accident, Dancing, door was locked, death in the family, didnt wake up on time, Dad, didnt want to come, dreaming, Dumped, Dogs, Death in family, Drowning, didn't wake up on time, Dead battery, Didn't want to show up, Didn’t want to come, dad slept in, digging a hole, Drank too much last night, Dog is sick, drama, didn't hear my alarm, Drowsy, Didn't hear alarm, didn't get up in time, dead parents, dog walking, Daughter was sick, danger, Dormido, Delay, didn't set an alarm, Dicking around, Doing the dishes, Drowned, Driving slow, dead relative, don't know, Didn't drive


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