excuses for being late with C

Car, Car accident, Car broke down, Cat ate my homework, Cat died, Cat ran away, Couldn't get out of bed, Couldn't wake up, Cramps, Crashed my car, car broke, car crash, car trouble, caught a cold, caught in traffic, children., cold, couldn't find my keys, crash, crying, Cancer, car broke down., couldn't find keys, car died, car problems, caught the flu, couldnt wake up, couldnt get out of bed, Cop pulled me over, Can't wake up, Car wreck, Car won't start, Cat, car wouldnt start, Car ran out of gas, Cab, Can't start car, Cooking, crashed car, caught up, cant walk, Caught the wrong bus, choking, Cat bit me, Crashed, car wouldn't start, Car exploded, cold weather, caught wrong bus, Cops, children, crapped pants, cant, cut myself, Car broken, chores, crap, cat attack, cant be bothered, Crows, cool, cats, cant drive, Car issues, class, Cried, Cunts, Caca, Clock broken


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