excuses for being late with B

Bad day, Banging, Bathroom, Bed, Being late, Broken down car, Broken leg, Bus ran late, bad hair day, bad traffic, bad weather, bored, broke down, broke my leg, broken car, bus, bus broke down, bus late, bus was late, busy, Baby, bob died, being sick, bees, Boredom, Bear attack, boobs, Bike accident, babysitting, bad accident, Broken Bone, broke my arm, bike broke, barfed all over., Beer, being lazy, Bus crash, buying food, baby was crying, been sick, Bath, Bee attack, breakfast took too long, Baseball practice, breakdown, Broke my car, broke leg, baby was sick, being dead, barfing, Bus didn't come, bee sting, Boys, Blew a tire, bus accident, Bathing, Bomb, Bus verpasst, Busted, Bullied, beat up, bit by a dog, Bob stabbed meh, Baby was born, Broken down, Bus came late, boring, birthday


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