excuses for being late with A

A car accident, Accident, Alarm, Alarm didn't go off, Always late, Anxiety, Arrested, Ate bad food, Ate poison, a car hit me, air in my tire., alarm didnt go off, angry, animal attack, appointment, asleep, asthma, ate too much, aunt died, avalanche, attacked, A lot of traffic, Airplane crash, Autounfall, Alarm broke, alcohol, Ambulance, A bus hit me, Apologize, At a funeral, accident on the road, Ant bit me, adormeci, anything, A dog bit me, alien attack, Arm broke, argument, a fire, Anarchy, alien abduction, Arm fell off, Alarm clock didn't go off, Airplane was delayed, Arthritis, allergies, another appointment, arm broken, Ate food, ache


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