things you did today with B

Bake, Beat my meat, Bounce, Breakfast, Breath, Breathe, Breathed, Brush my teeth, Brushed my teeth, baked, bath, bathe, bathed, bike, bought food, brush teeth, burp, burped, buy, buy food, baked a cake, brushed my hair, Bite, Bowling, bought groceries, brush my hair, brushed teeth, Blinked, beat off, breakfast., Barf, bed, basketball, bus ride, Baseball, brush, bank., baked cookies, Bike riding, barfed, bathing, bumsen, bit, beber, Bowled, biked, breathing, broke a vase, bite food, Baking, blink, Brag, Bañarme, Bailar, build, Bake a cake, Barrer, brush my theeth, broke a plate, Bend, Brunch, bat, Bled, Business, bought lunch, Bounced


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