Ways to DIE with S

Shot, Sickness, Sinking, Stabbed, Stabbing, Strangled, Strangulation, Stroke., Suffocate, Suffocating, Suffocation, Suicide, shark attack, sick, slip, slit throat, snake, snake bite, stab, stroke, sleeping, Stop breathing, Starvation, Starving, shoot yourself, sleep, Slipping, Shock, Sink, Strangle, shooting, Snakes, Strangling, suffication, Snakebite, suffocated, shooting yourself, slip and fall, salmonella, shocked, Skiing, Suddenly, skydiving, swimming, stomach cancer, Stab yourself, starve, slowly, slit your throat, sword fight, Sword, Slipping on ice, Slit wrists, ski accident, Stab wound, Slit your wrists, shipwreck, sinking ship, Smoking, slaughtered, Speeding, Sadness, Screaming, stabed in the back, sharks, shotgun, sofocado, Selbstmord, sing, Stupidity, soup, STD, smothering, Shooting myself, Smothered, sniper, Slide off a cliff, stabed, sitting on a bomb, snorkling, Shot to death, slipped, snek, stairs, slaughter, Sailing, skin cancer, spear, sandstorm, Slide, Suffercation, Stab to the heart, Sugar overdose, Saw, Shanked, Schlangenbiss, Singing


Words displayed in this list were entered by players and don't have to be correct.

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