Ways to DIE with I

I killed myself, Ice, Illness, Immolation, Impaled, Incinerated, Incineration, Infection, Injection, Injury, Intoxication, Isolation, ice pick, icicle, ill, in a car accident, in a fire, incinerado, ingest poison, internal bleeding, insect bite, Intoxicated, in your sleep, Iced, Incendio, Ink poisoning, Ingesting poison, Implosion, Incinerate, implode, Incendiado, Idiocy, igloo collapse, Injuries, Iceberg, idiots, I kill you, incest, Impaling, Intoxicado, Impalement, incarceration, I died, Iodine, incident, Indigestion., Injection of poison, Inferno, Icicles, ignorance, Involved in an accident, Igloo, Ignite yourself, Inflation, inceneration, insomnia, ice skating accident, Ice storm, ignited, iodine poisoning, infarto, Ice overdose, Icicle through the throat, i kill myself, Icicle to the head, in the bathtub, In a car crash, Infarction, Incision, I stabbed myself, Ignition, in lava, Infektion, iron, iced to death, Ingestion of poison, Ice bath, Incarcerated, inhale gas, Iguana attack, i die, insects, Involved in a accident, Ice skating, imolation, inundado, influenza, Internet, Injured, in the ocean, Ice freeze, impale, Indian scalping, I got shot, Ice cream, I jumped off a cliff, in a car, in your bed


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