Things you do in the morning with T

Take a dump, Take a piss, Teeth brush, Teeth brushing, Text, Think, Toast, Toast bread, Toilet, Touch myself, Trinken, Try to get up, take a shower, take shower, talk, teeth, tie shoes, tinkle, toot, try to wake up, Try on clothes, Tee trinken, take out the trash, Tea drinking, take a bath, Talk., Teeth cleaning, training, Tie my shoes, take out trash, tea, Tidy up, try, Tooth brushing, Take a nap, take off pajamas, Turn off alarm, Touch my toes, Take meds, teach, Talk to myself, take off clothes, Throw up, take a walk, Touch toes, Tanzen, Turn over, take medicine, Take vitamins, Teeth clean, tie your shoes, Tidy, Take a pee, Tea time, Tie hair, Tan, talk on the phone, Take pills, Tooth brush, Teethbrushing, tie, try to stay awake, Tweet, Think about my life, Tee kochen, Turnen, Tomar banho, Tomar agua, Tap dance, Taste, turn off the alarm, talking, Take bath, tie up hair, time, Take the dog out, Tie your shoelaces, Try on outfits, Twerk, Type, Talk to family, take a poo, Trim, Tomar cafe, Teeth brushed


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