Things you do in the morning with F

Face wash, Fall asleep, Fap, Farting, Feed myself, Feed the dog, Floss, Flush the toilet, Freshen up, Frown, fall out of bed, feed, fight, find clothes, fix breakfast, fix hair, flush, flush toilet, food, fry eggs, feed yourself, fishing, fall back asleep, Flip pancakes, Fall, find keys, Feel tired, floss teeth, Fappen, Feed the cat, Fapping, fish, Forget, Fly, Freak out, Frühstücken, Freshen up., fry, fry bacon, fret, FART, follar, freeze, fry an egg, flirt, fry some eggs, find my glasses, fart alot, Furzen, Fold clothes, find your keys, French toasts, Fry food, Flop out of bed, fingering, force myself out of bed, Find food, Fumar, Fix my hair, Food eating, Finger


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