Things you do in the morning with D

Dab, Dishes, Do my hair, Dormir, Dream, Dress myself, Dress up, Drink, Drink milk, Dry hair, Duschen, dance, dress, dress yourself, drink coffee, drink tea, drink water, drive, drive to work, dump, dry your hair, drink orange juice, Daydream, Drink juice, dust, Drive to work., Dine, do your hair, dog walk, drive to school, Dry my hair, day dream, don't get up, dental care, Dinner, Doodoo, Drugs, Don't wake up, Desayunar, douche, Dreaming, Despertar, Doodle, Drool, Dookie, do a poo, Draw, Dancing, doo doo, do homework, Dental hygiene, drown, drinking tea, dump in the toilet, drink bleach, dose off, Dressing up, Do laundry, Drinking water, Dry clothes, Dont wake up, Do the bed, Dieing, Dont get up, Date, Dressed


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