How did Bob die? with S

Shot, Shot himself, Snakes, Stabbed, Stabbing, Starvation, Strangled, Strangulation, Suffocated, Suffocation, Swimming, shark attack, sick, sickness, slipped, slit throat, snake, snake bite, stroke, suicide, Sleeping, Skiing, Slowly, starved, slipped and fell, stabed, shot in the head, Shooting, Stupidity, Suffocating, slaughtered, skydiving, Solo, Snakebite, Sinking, Sucide, Smothered, surfing, snake attack, Slipping, skin cancer, STD, snake bit him, snake ate him, Sword, Sharks, salmonella, suffication, stabbed himself, sliced, Slipped into a hole, stab, seizure, Sacrifice, slipped off a cliff, She killed him, slipped on banana, slipped on ice, Snake venom, Skinned, sadly, SARS, Struck by lightning, Smoking, Sawed in half, Slapped to death, Shark bite, Sam killed him, Shoot, Sky diving, Silently, singing, slipped in the shower, Someone stabbed him, Shocked, Sadness


Words displayed in this list were entered by players and don't have to be correct.

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