How did Bob die? with R

Rabies, Radiation, Ran off a cliff, Ran over, Ran over by a car, Ran over by a truck, Rash, Reading, Road rage, Robbed, Robbery, Run over, Run over by car, Running, racing, railroad accident, ran into a pole, ran over by car, rape, raped, rat poison, Road kill, Rocks, Ripped apart, Raped to death, Run over by a car, russian roulette, Rollercoaster, Ran over by a train, Ran into a wall, rope, ran over by a bus, rickets, rabbit attack, Rabbies, Ran over him, Roasted, rectum exploded, Rats, rock, Rectal bleeding, rifle shot, ran over by bus, run over by a bus, rake, Runover, radiation poisoning, rooster attack, rick killed him, ryan killed him, Ran out of food, riding a bike, rock to head, ruptured spleen, Radioactivity, Rage, rocket, Renal failure, road accident, rat bite, Rhinos, rooted, Rubella, Run over by a truck, Ringworm, running off a cliff, Riding a horse, Rifle, run, Radunfall, roadkill, Rode off a cliff, Railroad tracks, Revolver, Ran into a car, ruster killed him, race car accident


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