How did Bob die? with R

Rabies, Ran into a pole, Ran off a cliff, Ran over, Ran over by a car, Ran over by a truck, Raped to death, Rash, Reading, Road kill, Road rage, Robbed, Robbery, Run over, racing, railroad accident, ran over by car, rape, raped, running, Ripped apart, Radiation, russian roulette, Run over by car, rat poison, Run over by a car, Rabbies, Ran into a wall, rickets, rabbit attack, ran over by bus, Runover, Roasted, Ran over him, rifle shot, Rectal bleeding, Rocks, ran over by a bus, rake, rectum exploded, run over by a bus, rope, roadkill, Ringworm, Run over by a truck, Radunfall, Revolver, rooster attack, Rollercoaster, Rifle, Rode off a cliff, ran over by a train, Renal failure, ryan killed him, Rage, Railroad tracks, road accident, riding a bike, Radioactivity, Rubella, ruptured spleen, radiation poisoning, rooted, Ran out of food, Rats, ruster killed him


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