How did Bob die? with P

Pain, Pancreatic cancer, Panic attack, Passed out, Piano fell on him, Pistol, Plague, Plane crash, Pneumonia, Poisoned, Poisoning, Prostate cancer, Puking, Punched, Pushed off a cliff, painfully, peeing, pills, poison, punched to death, peter killed him, Pancreatitis, pirates, Panther attack, parachuting, peed too much, Punched in the head, pissed off, Parasite, Punched in the face, Pulmonary disease, penetration, Parasites, Poo, pistol shot, people killed him, Pushed, Pregnancy, Pollution, Pulverized, Pushed down stairs, Partied too hard, Popped, Por puto, Penelope, pink eye, pummeled to death, police brutality, Pissed himself, Parasailing, Pan, Puteando, Pizza, Pancreas cancer, paralysis, Puked, pill overdose, praying, Parkinson, plane, police killed him, Police shot him, Pest, Parachute accident, Poverty, Pepper spray, Paper cut, Passed away, pig attack, posion, poision, Popping, pudding, Partying, petrified, Pateado, Phishing, ptsd


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