How did Bob die? with I

I ate him, I killed him, Ice, In a car crash, In an accident, Incinerated, Infection, Injection, Ink poisoning, Intoxication, i dont know, i murdered him, ice pick, igloo collapse, ill, illness, in a car accident, injections, injury, internal bleeding, Ingested poison, isolation, in a fire, Ignited, I killed him., ice skating accident, insomnia, Impaled, icicle, Ice skating, Incineration, Iced, injuries, I shot him, i stabbed him, ingesting poison, Itch, Incendio, Iodine Poisoning, Inzest, i don't know, insect bite, influenza, Incarceration, Incident, intoxicated, Ice fishing, idiocy, in a plane crash, insects, Impalement, Implosion, injured, Inflation, Ice bath, Iguana ate him


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