How did Bob die? with H

HIV, Hammer, Hang himself, He died, Heat, Heatstroke, Heroin, Herpes, Homicide, Hunger, hanged, hanged himself, hanging, heart attack, heat stroke, helicopter crash, hit by a bus, hit by a car, hit his head, hung himself, He killed himself, hung, Hurricane, Had a stroke, hit by car, House fire, Hang, Heartattack, Heroin overdose, hit, Hate crime, Hanging himself, happy, He fell off a cliff, hypothermia, helium, Hit by a truck, hatchet, Head injury, Hit and run, hangover, high, heat exhaustion, Hepatitis, hiking, Helium overdose, Hit by a train, hit by bus, hell, Hemroids, head cut off, hurt, he fell, Head trauma, hunted, Had cancer, havaroval, hippo attack, Heart failure, Hunting, heroine, hail, hit by a van, Hacked to death, hugged a bear, Hungover, hoes, Hitman, health issues, house was on fire, hammered, Headache, hundebiss, He drowned, he jumped off a cliff, He hung himself, Hand grenade, Head exploded, Hurt himself, Hunting Accident, Horse attack, Helicopter accident, Hit in the head, herold killed him, humping, hemorrhage, he got stabbed, Homocide, Heat wave, heart disease, house fell on him, hernia, Herzinfakt, had too much to drink, herpies, horribly, He didn't, Hammer to the head, he got shot, Hopping, Hund, hungry, Hit by a plane, Hingefallen, hemorrhoids, He got killed, he fell off a bridge


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