How did Bob die? with G

Gagging, Gangrene, Genocide, Got ran over, Got run over, Gravity, Grenade, Guillotine, Guns, Gutted, gagged, gas, gonorrhea, gorilla attack, got hit by a car, got shot, got stabbed, gun, gun shot, gunshot, germs, Got killed, goat attack, gassed, got murdered, Gun shot wound, Grounded, God, gas leak, gunshot wound, Gordo, Gift, Gunned down, Gastro, gas explosion, got stuck, Grated, Gaming, got cancer, grinder, Garage Door, got hit by car, gorilla, gliding, grass allergy, Gator attack, Gardening, got shot in the head, got eaten, gang, ghost, Goat ate him, Getting killed, gorilla ate him, Garbage


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