How did Bob die? with C

Cardiac arrest, Choke, Choked, Choked to death, Cocaine, Cold, Crash, Crushed, Crying, Cut, Cut himself, Cutting himself, cancer, car accident, car crash, car hit him, car wreck, cat attack, cats, choking, cat ate him, Cut throat, Caught on fire, committed suicide, coughing, Cutting, crashed, cat killed him, Concussion, cocain, car ran over him, cactus, Colon Cancer, constipation, Cholera, cilled himself, cyanide, cut his throat, Chlamydia, Castration, car ran him over, Carbon monoxide poisoning, cooking, Chopped up, cat scratch fever, crack, comiendo, Cut up, Crushed to death, Cut his wrists, Cut his veins, Crabs, cocaine overdose, chocked, Cut his head off, cursed


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