How did Bob die? with B

Beaten to death, Beheaded, Blew up, Bomb, Broke his neck, Broken neck, Burned, Burned to death, Burnt, bear attack, beaten, beaten up, bees, blown up, boating accident, bob killed himself, breast cancer, bullet, buried alive, burning, beating, Billy killed him, Brain damage, Burned alive, bear ate him, Bob, brain tumor, bombed, Blood loss, butchered, Boobs, Bus, bike accident, Bludgeoned, bus ran him over, Bear, Bashed, Broke his back, Bronchitis, burn, Beheading, Bombe, Bullets, beat to death, beer, Bleeding, Boat, Beer overdose, Blew himself up, Birth, bubonic plague, Boating, Bled to death, Burnt to death, bombing, Blowing up, Baleado, bus hit him, brain cancer, Bathing, burglary, Banana, Bored, buster killed him, Bat, bleeding out, Bullet wound, Boxing, bulldozer, beat up, Balloons, Buried, Beating his meat, Ball, Bungee jumping, building, butt exploded


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